9 to 5 by SEXTON


The Perth-born music artist Sexton is gaining notoriety via a growing list of impressive stats including a Top 40 smash on US Rhythmic Radio with her hit feature on TK Kravitz’s track Space (46 million streams, 250k sales) as well as opening for major acts including Lil Wayne, 2Chainz, Migos, Bryson Tiller and many more. Sexton’s collaborators include Trippie Redd, Smoke Purpp and Lil Got It, and she has worked with industry luminaries Timbaland (Kanye West, Ludacris, Beyoncé) and Scott Storch (Drake, Young Thug, Rick Ross). Sexton’s new release, 9 TO 5, is taken from her latest album Lost My Heart In Hollywood (2020). The track kicks off with the major hook of the chorus, which flows in and out of a series of verses revealing Sexton’s talent for evocative rhymes and observations. Produced by Musik Majorx, 94SKRT and Jared Scharff, Sexton’s self-penned track reveals more than just a tale of hedonistic youth but rather revels in the discretionary powers these proclamations represent. Just as Sexton is doing it her way as outlined in the track, ‘Toast to the sky, now it’s just me and I’, this is reflected in her life, not only is she a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist she is also the head of her own 100% independently funded record label, Sexton Records. 9 TO 5 no doubt draws on biographical material also, imbuing the track (and Sexton’sother noteworthy songs) with transparency and authenticity. Sexton survived a major car accident; a nationally televised one—her car was hit by a stolen police car and flipped over three cars. This traumatic experience no doubt changed Sexton’s life. When Sexton moved to LA to pursue her dreams of an international music career she never looked back. The emerging global music star is at the vanguard of a new wave of female artists breaking stereotypes and rewriting music industry rulebooks and 9 TO 5 is a stand-out example of the quality of this talented artist’s work.