HuDost Release New Music Video For “This Is How My Story Ends”


Staying true to their mission, HuDost have returned with the release of their new visuals for single, “This Is How My Story Ends”–which addresses the triggers that many people are struggling with during these tumultuous times and what people can do to claim their own stories.

This song marks the beginning of a slew of singles that will be released every six weeks for the next several months. These releases will include “How Many Miles,” a song that addresses how far many of us have journeyed from our true selves and what it means to come home to our greater purpose (this song includes The Accidentals as guest performers), and “I Cannot Breathe” which is a song applauding the work of collective advocacy and activism in this time.

Moksha Sommer–who with her other half, Jemal Wade Hines–have “decided to hit the ground running through direct action, protest, and solidarity” says, “During a time when many are exhausted by polarization, social media squabbles and a lack of genuine positive action many of our peers have a hunger for empowered change and are fostering that very thing.”

Sommer adds: “The best that we can do as artists and musicians is reflect what is happening in the world with our art, and through that, offer the audience a new perspective on their own struggles. The world crisis that we are also encountering through COVID is one that we need music and art to be a processing mechanism for. We hope to adapt to this time with as much grace as possible, embrace our victories, and discover new ways of reaching our audience with as much love and appreciation as they encounter in a live experience. We feel that releasing these singles during the time when we’d normally be touring is one of the ways we can do that very thing.”

“This Is How My Story Ends” also voices the internal mechanisms that many of us encounter when in pain and isolation such as depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, and the fear that we are incapable of aiding positive change in ourselves or in the world. The hope is that this type of expression can act as a therapeutic tool that does foster that very change.

In terms of the video, the live and somewhat artsy approach with the whole dark background in the video fits so well with the almost dreamy vibe the song goes for.