Montreal R&B/hip-hop artist Lubalin tackles inner turmoil with “cycle”


Canadian R&B/Hip-Hop artist Lubalin has released a new visual for his new single “cycle,” which was inspired by a dark period of struggle and introspection.

Through vulnerable lyricism, he embraces a minimalistic/downtempo pop approach that pulses back and forth with dark intonations and a lo-fi sound. The accompanying video is full of moody energy with an epic build and a cathartic release.

Lubalin elaborates on the single, “I was going through another period where I was pretty down. When I’m in it, it always feels like it’s gonna last forever. This song came from the realization that like, no, it comes in waves. And it will pass, and there will be good feelings again, and I just gotta ride it out. And just like, the relief of accepting it.”