Ojefe Hits The List Of Rap Music


Who can deny the revolution that hip-hop has brought in the current era? Through education and discernment, rap music has stimulated a wave of social awareness regarding the negative aspects of life, such as violence and guns. Among the most popular rappers, the name of Ojefe tops the list at such a young age of only 30 years.


Like many other artists, Ojefe also belongs to an ordinary middle-class family living in Montgomery Village, Maryland. After realizing his passion for hip-hop music, many of his loved ones left him, for they didn’t believe in his talent. He had been writing music for more than 8 years unless he realized that he would adopt music as his profession by January 2017.

Ojefe’s Work till Now

Ojefe is the star of Youtube. Until now, he has dropped over 32 music videos and performed 55 times doing shows. He has performed in many live music concerts arranged in different big cities of the USA, such as Washington D.C., Silver Spring, Atlanta, Florida, Miami, Austin, Wheeling, Brooklyn, NYC, and New York.

Today, he is recognized by many music industries. He has been promoted by various online websites and hip-hop blog magazines like Respect Mag, Elevator, Vocal Creators, The Odyssey Online, and Genius.

Despite facing the language barrier, he didn’t stop and touched the strings of the hearts of his fans through his outstanding performance. His brand-new studio release “Snapping” relates to all the people from different backgrounds and receives an enormously positive response from his fans.

Ojefe is Not Afraid of Competition

Rap music has great competition in terms of musical sounds and meaningful themes. Ojefe’s music has got all these characteristics besides having an amazing and most attractive personality. He has a sound knowledge of the current trends introduced in hip-hop music; this is why he has got many offers from various music companies.

He openly confirms that he is not afraid of the rising competition in DMV metroplex and believes that he will get a big record deal from a big company like Atlantic.

Ojefe Came to the Fore after Incarceration

Ojefe emerged as a new talent in the rap music industry after he faced incarceration for almost 4 and a half years. This was when he decided to introduce himself by his name Ojefe from his government name Omar Ramos. He returned his home with full motivation and dedication for hip-hop music and has been continuing his buzz in DMV and even beyond, today.

Ojefe Responds to His Fans

Despite earning his name in the list of top musicians, Ojefe remained down-to-earth. He responds fully to all his fans in real life and on social media. Therefore, almost 86% of the people call him the best rapper for his ultimate talent and humble personality. Even one of the famous anchors and music experts, Robert Peterson, could not stand behind and called him the artiste of rap music.

Ojefe is an Inspiration to His Fans

Having gone through all the hardships and setbacks, Ojefe is truly an inspiration to those who live with limited resources but are determined to follow their dream of becoming the best rapper in the world.

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