Some Gave All by Broken Past


Metal has always been about celebrating intensity of all varieties, and in this sense, the new single “Some Gave All” from Broken Past is no different. Both sonically and lyrically, this is a track that espouses the very epitome of championing dominant perseverance; “Some Gave All” is about honoring those who gave their lives in service of the American people, and it utilizes one heck of a heavy riff structure to do so. Shaking and quaking in all the right ways, this latest release from Broken Past could be one of the best metal songs I’ve heard all year long.

The music video is as frills-free as it gets without being a barebones DIY effort, and I particularly like how well it blends the images of veterans with the band playing in an open-air environment. It has a cinematic chill to its concept, but it’s not overambitious for what the band is capable of at all. These guys aren’t one of the big four, but here, they’re not trying to be – their priorities are right where they belong, which puts them a step above quite a few of their peers in and outside of the underground this summer.

Equal potency isn’t often afforded to the vocal and guitar parts in metal song, but that’s partially why I think the dynamic in “Some Gave All” works as well as it does – it’s somewhat untried, and ironically the band wears the look better than anyone else I’ve seen attempting it in the past. Seamless physicality is the cornerstone component of this single, and because no one in Broken Past has an ego about their role in the master mix, we’re getting a throttling performance out of their camp that feels as selfless as it does cohesive around every twist and turn.

While some would probably have preferred a slightly increased bassline presence in this track – and justifiably so – I think the leaner sound that Broken Past ultimately decided to go with is a little more becoming of their overall musical profile. It reminds me a bit of …And Justice for All-era Metallica, which was debatably the band’s most efficient period prior to parting-out their sound for a refurbished look in the 90’s. “Some Gave All” has a similarly themed-bend in its lyrics and melodic might, but I don’t think there’s any accusing the song’s creators of being derivative – it’s simply too passionate a cut for that to be the case.

I didn’t know much about Broken Past before I got into “Some Gave All” this month, but the effort that they put into this latest release is just too powerful to be ignored – even by the most discriminating of music critics. You don’t have to be a hardcore headbanger to get into the message and the melodies that are to be discovered when listening to “Some Gave All,” but for those of us who are, it’s a seriously provocative track that doesn’t waste any of our time with pointless synthetic aesthetics.

by Bethany Page