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INTERVIEW: Three Sides

Welcome Three Sides!  To start off, tell our readers more about the band. Where you started and where you are now? 

-Thanks for having us! We’re 5 friends from a small suburban town called Moorpark, California. We all went to school together but after high school we really connected as musicians. We started sharing music with each other and became inspired to create our own style of rock. We try to keep open boundaries when we create and we think that’s helped lead us to create new music.

You have a new single out today “She Don’t Mean To” Congrats! Tell us more about how the song came to life. 

-At the time we wrote this song we were really into The Doors. We love how unique songs like “The End” and “Riders On the Storm” are. So mellow and melancholy. We decided to spice something like that up with a Three Sides touch. In the studio we kept a simple songwriting approach and tried not to overthink the message. We added the chorus melody to really give the song that classic, familiar sound that you can’t help sing along to. 

Do you get nervous before you release new music or is it more of an excitement for you? 

-Releases are very exciting for us. We usually host a concert and have a wild time. Partly a concert, more-so a party!

Was there anyone or anything in particular that pushed you to pursue music?

-We love music festivals, we love “Animals” by Pink Floyd, and we love making rock n roll. Those were three pretty significant influences in pursuing music.

Do you have plans to release more music this year?

-We sure do! One if not two songs hopefully!

The US music scene differs from city to city, what’s the music scene like in your area? 

-In Ventura County our options are more limited to bars, breweries and coffee shops. This has given us the opportunity to curate and promote some of our own events. We’ll host a music festival or take over a brewery with a solid lineup of local bands.

Tell us what you have planned for the rest of 2020? Any surprises? 

-Writing has been our big focus this year. 2020 will most likely be perfecting some new songs, releasing some songs and more writing.

Where can we find you online and get our hands on your new music?

-The best place for all things Three Sides is our website: www.threesidesofficial.com


Fever Dreaming Talks (And Premieres) New Single “O Yea”

In the past few years indie rock, soul, punk, hip-hop and trap have become one garbled mess of a genre, the soundcloud rap influences feeding back on the DIY-rockers and vice versa. We, as listeners, have lost any context that made genre-mashing so exciting in the first place. Fever Dreaming’s new single “O Yea” is the remedy to this problem of “genre fatigue”. “O Yea” stays compartmentalized in it’s production and intent, you can hear the obvious late 00s indie rock NYC influences (guitar work ala Grizzly Bear) while the bass-line stays clearly rooted in R&B. It’s the perfect balance of artistic intent and visceral release, a formula that could very well set the tone for underground artists into the 20s. Below is our exclusive interview with Fever Dreaming’s Sean Dowling, listen to the premiere of “O Yea” here: 

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “O Yea“?

O yea was made out of a guitar loop I was playing with in my room, it all kind of came together and I added drums and a melody soon after. working with adam in the studio we were able to make it way crazier and weirder, which is always good. 

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

It’s sort of about my relationship with music and art in general. You give a lot of your time to something and it doesn’t always give back in return. But you do it anyway because you love it. 

How was the recording and writing process?

Recording was very unique and smooth. I had worked with Adam on previous projects and we have a very chill creative relationship with each other. It was new territory for both of us and we went in with no preconceived notions of what it should sound like. 

What role does Bronx play in your music?

The diversity of this area has always inspired me and fed my curiosity for different genres of music. It gave me an open perspective on different genres and how they intersect and I think that really comes through in this project.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Yes! new ep on the way.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

It’s called “sweater” and it’s coming soon.