only YOU have the power to Save Toby
Moroccan Hare Tagine

Moroccan Hare Tagine


  • Toby
  • olive oil
  • cinnamon
  • cumin seed
  • ginger
  • saffron
  • stock (chicken stock will do)
  • dried apricots or other fruit (raisins are also good) vanilla bean hot chiles olives (black) onion

After quartering, brown Toby at medium-high heat. Remove Toby from the pan and brown the chopped onion (one medium). Return Toby to the pan and add ground cinnamon, cumin seeds and fresh grated ginger, roughly half a teaspoon each (reducing heat if necessary to avoid burning the spices) and salt. After Toby is properly coated, add a two cups stock, dried fruit, vanilla (scrape the small beans from the pod), a cinnamon stick, the chopped chiles and olives (both of the latter to taste). Simmer Toby on low heat for ~30 minutes or until tender.

Plate Toby with rice, polenta, or most authentically cous cous. Gewurztraminer would be a good choice for wine to go with him. Don't skimp on the cognac either, toby deserves the best.