only YOU have the power to Save Toby

Save Toby Changes

This update is coming after almost two months of continuous work and deliberations. Much to the chagrin and disappointment of not only, but also the thousands of concerned souls who having been working tirelessly to help little Toby live, Paypal has been completely unresponsive to our request for account reactivation. To make matters worse it seems that Paypal has notified almost every other online donation company and has told them not to accept us as a client. This travesty was caused by a small minority of people with very loud voices and they are the ones responsible for trying to steal Toby's chance at life by having us shut down. Although many people have been increasing the balance by buying merchandise we felt that the entire situation simply was not fair to poor Toby. It is clear that a large number of people out there want Toby to live. Thus, we have decided that even though we did not make the small and reasonable sum of 50 thousand dollars, Toby will live to see July 1 st ! Not only will he be alive all through July, but we have decided to give until next year to live. This new chance at life was made possible by each and every person who either donated (before we were shut down) or bought merchandise. The lack of a donation service provider has led us to adopt the new policy of book sales to save Toby's life. This seemed like the only just and reasonable way to help Toby. Simply put, this is the only fair thing to do for Toby's sake.

We have been working around the clock to get the book out and to have the final manuscript available as soon as possible. The work so far has gone very well and at this point in time it has been completely written. Our publisher agreed to pull all of the stops and have it in stores nationwide this November. This is an astonishing feat as books typically take 18 months to hit the shelves after a publisher receives them. In the mean time, since the book is not yet in stores, you can add to the total and help to save Toby by preordering the book on All preorders will count towards the final total! We are giving Toby twice the time to live because we know it is more time consuming to buy a book than to simply make an online donation. So, that is the current state of affairs here with Toby. Remember, only YOU have the power to save Toby, so get out there and pick up a copy of our hilarious new book!