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A Note on Paypal

As many of you may have noticed, the paypal account was shut down again today. Let me start off by saying paypal has been pretty miserable throughout this whole process. They keep limiting the account without reference to any rationale for doing so. In any case, Iíve called them so many times and no one can ever seem to provide me with any answers. Iíve read the acceptable use policy thoroughly and can find no way in which Iím violating the agreement. My best guess is that someone with a bit of power didnít like the site or the email complaints theyíve received have led them to shut it down.

No worries though, tons of companies out there are willing to accept donations and Iíll be signed up with one of those in the next few days. This is an unfortunate complication, a result of whiney PETA freaks bombarding paypal with crazy emails.