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Hate Mail Vol. 1

The following is composed of some hate mail I've recieved. Unless otherwise noted, all hate mail is unedited and presented in its entirety.

Subject: Please Remove the Save Toby website.
From: Joseph B [[email protected]]

I would just like to warn you that if you do not take down your Save Toby website immediatly, I will have you arrested for the felony crime of extortion.

Do not disregard this e-mail. The amount of funds recieved indicate a very serious crime has been commited. I think it is ridiculous that you are making so much money that you do not deserve, and I can promise you that I will turn you in as I have said; that is, if I recieve no reply to this e-mail, or if you show to be un-cooperative in any way.

This is not something that the police will take lightly either. If it was a hundred dollars, maybe they would, but the simple fact that you have recieved so much money capitalizing off of people's sympathies, makes this a very serious case of extortion which will surely be investigated.

Listen, I'm giving you the option of walking away with what you have......

Joseph, I would just like to warn you that you are a complete idiot. The proper authorities have been contacted, and you will soon be arrested for causing those around you to literally shed IQ points. I have utterly disregarded your emails content, and am now mocking it by posting it directly on

PS: You may partly redeem yourself by purchasing a Save Toby Mug.

subject: i'll buy the bunny...
david kern [[email protected]]

actually....i think you're a fucking moron! if people actually fall for this stupid're more moronic than you are! get a life you should have been blowjob! stop wasting internet space on that shit. actually...stop wasting people's air. you'd be better off sucking on a shotgun.

"You're more moronic than you are" pretty much says it all. It is critical when calling someone a moron that you refrain from making yourself out to look like a high school drop out who sniffs magic markers in his basement while in the middle of your 3rd lap of Mario Kart 64. I am proud to present, DJ David Kern, may he forever live on as the world's most retarded hate mailer.

Subject: Go on I hare you
From: Scott [mailto:[email protected]]

Hay Fuck Head, Go on I dare you!!!!!!!!! We have your I.P and you res address and enough contact to make wish you never thought of such a thing. If you think this is just an idle mail just try it cause we have been watching you. Remember.....Watch out for that car
From your friendly A.C.O.T.W But you can call me Scott (Code Name)

Scott (Code Name), this is about as “idle” as a threat can get. There are several reasons why. You are fourteen, you live in Australia, you don’t have my residential address or you would have mentioned it, you don’t have my IP address. Stop kidding yourself, you don’t have a car and you can’t drive. No, sitting on your moms lap behind that worthless, twice-wrecked wood panel station wagon does not count.

Subject: Congratulations, You've just been reported to PETA for animal cruelty
From: Jason [mailto:[email protected]]

you sick bastard, i took the liberty in notifying PETA of your actions, cruelty to animals as well as demanding money for for a life.And trust me, you can expect hell to be raised for you and your sick friends from the law and the largest animal rights groups soon.Have fun with the activist's and the courts, asshole! If you were smart, you hand over the bunny to a shelter and refund all of the money donated to you before you get yourself into a world of hurt.

This one deserves some special attention. The first thing I’d like to point out is that animal cruelty involves hurting an animal, and furthermore, doing so in a way that is considered cruel. I haven’t hurt Toby and if he happens to die in June, it will be a painless death at the hand of a butcher. Secondly PETA can lick my balls. They can not and will not ever do anything about my site, so feel free to report me to PETA all day long. You’ll just get their automated response about my website which is “Of course, such sites are in very poor taste but, unfortunately, are usually legal.” In other words, “we can’t do anything”.