only YOU have the power to Save Toby

Hello TY

Ty Drouillard [[email protected]]
Subject: Hello

I know your website is fake, you aint going to kill crap! You're saying that, but everyone knows it's fake because you say how everyday you raise more money, but yet when you try to donate it wont let you even though we've tried on many different computers and we have accounts, it tells us how your account to send to is inactive, your phonnys, immature phonnys, plus I loved how on the news they said they're tracking you down, they can see what computer code number registered that site and then they can find your address and hunt you down! You to scared to kill your rabbit, plus your website wasn't even convincing, you tried being to funny about it, nah! You havn't made a dime and your doing a federal affense, I'm going to love to see you fools locked up!

A phony, eh? You are fraudulently claiming that you have the ability to speak English, while it is quite obvious that you cannot. The “news” said they are tracking me down, really? That’s interesting because when I had an interview with NBC Nightly last week they didn’t mention anything about it. Ty, you know I don’t speak Spanish! I can barely derive meaning from phrases like “you to scared” and “your doing a federal affense” so unfortunately I must completely disregard your email. It’s sad though, because I really thought you may have had a point there for a second... actually, you're pretty much retarded..