only YOU have the power to Save Toby

Conversation with Toby

There has been a lot of interest out there about Tobyís current condition. Since the general public is unable to see or interact with Toby the way that I am privileged enough to do on a daily basis. Therefore, I have interpreted his looks and actions into what a verbal conversation with him would sound like.

So Toby, weíve all been wondering, how are you holding up?

Thanks so much for caring guys! Well, to tell you the truth, Iím holding up great. Iím getting so much play time, and I always have visitors that pick me up and pet me. Iíve always got so much food to eat, itís almost like Iím being fattened up or something, but oh well, itís all so delicious!

Whatís your living arrangement like Toby?

Well, at first I lived in a small bin that was covered in pine needles, I had a mat to sleep on and a bowl of water and food. It was pretty rough back then, but now, thanks to everyoneís contributions, my home has been upgraded several times. First, my buddy got me a big ole cage with a second story, an auto feeder and a water-purifying bottle. Then, when I got a little bit bigger, I got my own floor in a big house, its about 200 square feet big, and my cage is always open in case I want to hang out there instead. Iíve got tons of toys, but not really any of the cool stuff I want like a bunny escalade and some diamond bling.

Wouldnít you rather be out in the wild then held captive by this crazy guy?

Youíre the crazy one! My buddy loves me and treats me better than any pet in the world! Plus, I donít have to run away from big ole meanies like cats, dogs and foxes and those guys that would rip me from limb to limb! Iím just so thankful that my buddy takes care of me. I am the luckiest bunny in the whole wide world. Who else gets pounds upon pounds of fresh veggies and has their own floor in a house! Plus my buddy takes me to the park and walks me around outside all the time so I can become a good jumper just like other bunnies.

Did you know your owner is going to eat you?

What? Well, Iíve sort of had that feeling for a while, but Iím glad you told me. No wonder heís been feeding me so much! Well, if I have to be eaten Iím glad it will by my buddy. You see, Iíve had a better life than most of the rabbits in this world, so many of us are killed daily and never get the chance to know a friend like I do. Iím just thankful that I was found that day by my buddy. But what I donít understand is, why would my buddy eat me?

Well Toby, Iíve lied to you, heís not going to eat you for sure, and itís really up to us as viewers to decide whether or not you will live or die. We just have to shell out donations or buy some of your merchandise to keep you alive.

Oh my gosh, then get out there and buy a t-shirt or something, I donít want to be eaten. It all makes sense to me now, heís always saying things like you look so ďsweetĒ and ďToby youíre looking tasty todayĒ but I thought he was just being friendly! (Swallows nervously) Please help me by donating or buying some merchandise! I canít blame my buddy though, heís the nicest guy on the planet.